Dread and Almost Dead

Have life events ever appeared so desperately dismal that you simply wanted to end it all?

In 2017, I purposely took an overdose and almost died. I’m sorry to say this wasn’t my first attempt, but it would be my last. Since that tragic awakening, I became a international speaker in 3 different continents, a 7 figure online entrepreneur and number 1 affiliate marketer promoting Builderall.

James Taylor-Taylor your best life

My initial success was all within a twelve-month period after my attempted suicide. In fact, within a mere six months of trial and error, I finally made my first affiliate commission.  Generating an income through affiliate marketing is within your reach, with a proper mindset, support, and persistence.

Who am I?

My name is James Neville-Taylor and I want to help you “Taylor Your Best Life” by sharing my personal journey.  In designing a life of purpose and adopting an entrepreneurial lifestyle, you will learn how to create money on demand through affiliate marketing. I am now a full-time digital product creator and affiliate marketer

In 2017, I began an internet marketing journey presenting from stage in nine countries spanning three continents. I earn an online income of 7-figures and top many product leaderboards as an affiliate marketer. My students are taught to “Taylor” a life by design with many now earning hundreds of thousands of dollars!

James Taylor-Taylor your best life

Two years ago, I would not have believed I’d have this much success in affiliate marketing. I simply could not envision that level of accomplishment for myself.  No matter where you begin from, you too, can succeed!

Why would I attempt suicide?

The only real father figures I had growing up were physically and emotionally abusive. I never had the chance to meet my real father. Then at age eleven, I was sexually abused, causing extreme psychological trauma. Justice was never served and I felt this took a piece of me away. I subsequently lost all respect for those in my life including my Mum who eventually could not cope with a traumatized tween.  This period of time marked a milestone in my life where my hellish trouble began.

networks-Taylor your best life

As a teen, I moved fifteen times into multiple care homes within four years. The caregivers did horrendous things that were despicable, where even some of the staff abused the children. I did not trust anyone because of the pain and abuse I endured. The role of a caregiver is supposed to help a boy develop into a man. The few people I trusted stabbed me in the back. My tween years were spent paranoid, intimidated, scared, confused, and alone. Instead of dealing with the pain, I put up a front. I wish I could tell you things got better, but they didn’t.

What type of people do you surround yourself with?

Moving out on my own at age sixteen, I began to hang out with some pretty shady people. Trying to make those relationships work was a challenge when I should have moved on. I was surrounded by crimes of burglary every week, including multiple robberies at gunpoint, machete, and even an axe. I’m bewildered to this day how I managed to escape harm.

After a friend let me down, I was forced to return to my Mum’s house. I’d incessantly play video games and withdraw into a solitary existence. As a recluse, I’d only leave the sanctuary of my room when intoxicated or high with no aspiration or ambition. I was wasting away into nothingness.

Do you want more out of life?

With all the negative experiences forging my beliefs, I didn’t want to try anymore. My ego defence mechanism was that of indifference, dulling my senses, harboring only despair and anger deep within. I had frequent fits of uncontrollable rage that was the norm for many years. Depression ensued during my seven-year existence. I hit an ultimate low point in 2017, where I no longer wished to live. I took an overdose.

depressed man in dark room struggling

After my final attempt at suicide, something awakened in me that had been dead for a long time. I felt an inner desire to do and be more. With years wasted, I suddenly saw hope and potential for a future. That single desperate act changed my life from someone who would binge watch shows in my “Game of Thrones” fantasy, to having the desire to live a life of purpose. My sense of purpose was flipped on like a switch illuminating my once dark existence.

Have you ever felt a burning desire to do something?

With a renewed inner desire, I wanted to prove to the world that I was destined to be more than how I was showing up. Here I was, a product of thousands of hours of playing video games, with a lack of credentials, technical and social skills required to secure a job.

James Taylor-Taylor your best life

With determination to move forward in my life, I started learning everything I could about internet marketing. Upon awakening each day, I powered up the computer and pushed aside any doubts.  Motivated by a fear of failure perpetuating an unrealized life, I now knew who I was and what I could accomplish.

How would you like an extra $1,000 in your bank account each month?

Trying different business models, I spent money I didn’t have on internet marketing courses that were more hype than substance. I discovered an affiliate marketing opportunity with a questionable promise and almost discarded it.  Within a few days of applying the touted strategies, I actually made my first commission! 

James Taylor-Taylor your best life

There was comradery and accountability in a supportive affiliate marketing community which boosted my self-confidence. In that single month, I generated over a thousand dollars and continued thereafter.

In under a year, I went from surviving a suicide attempt, to becoming one of the top affiliate marketers of Builderall. By taking massive action I could actually support myself financially. This was just the beginning of tapping into my personal power and realizing my full potential.

Do you know how it feels to tap into your full potential?

In overcoming a traumatic ordeal, I felt propelled into action and my accomplishments forged and renewed my belief in myself. That pride is something you want to share with your family and friends. I realized that the best was yet to come. This mindset with an attitude that “You can do it!”, underscores how one’s attitude determines success or failure. This harkens back to Henry Ford’s famous quote,“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.

To this day, I push through fear while maintaining a learner’s mind.  This allows me to accomplish goals I never dreamt possible. Traveling the world I now share my story and inspire kindred spirits touching those with deep-rooted trauma like my own; creating hope, saving lives, and mentoring students to earn an income through affiliate marketing.

What is your life’s mission?

Since initially sharing my story publicly in front of approximately a hundred people on October 14th, 2018, I realized I’ve accomplished more in the initial year and a half, than many do in a lifetime. I made it out of that dark place where every forty seconds someone takes their own life. They are emotionally overwhelmed, not seeing a future or a way out of their current situation.  This mental health pandemic continues to plague our world before the recent global virus. If anything, it’s gotten worse.

James Taylor-Taylor your best life

I was fortunate to have an awakening and stumble upon affiliate marketing where no college, special experience or skills are required. All you need is persistence fueled by a burning desire to succeed. Evangelising the entrepreneurship lifestyle through affiliate marketing while sharing my abuse, personal challenges and successes, is my life’s mission.

Do you want to “Taylor Your Best Life ever?

Whether you face suicidal thoughts or harbor fears and limitations, know that you can “Taylor Your Best Life” with proper guidance and support. Once I had a little money to throw into ads, affiliate marketing was easy. I simply let my monthly ads run and watched the sales generate cash on demand! Let me teach you that same winning strategy. As the Roman poet, Horace proclaimed; “Carpe Diem”!


I hope my story has inspired and motivated you to pursue happiness “Taylor-ing” a life by design as an affiliate marketer. Let me ask you one final question: Are the people in your inner circle focused on the same goals; are they supportive and pursuing an extraordinary life-like yourself?

If not, I encourage you to take massive action right now and sign up for one of my events (Click Here Now). You will be surrounded and supported by like-minded individuals focused on entrepreneurial success. If this resonates with you, we can meet in person and help you Taylor Your Best Life” ever!