James Taylor-Taylor your best life

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I started with Builderall on August 3rd 2017, not long after my final suicide attempt.

I remember thinking, This is too good to be true, how can they offer everything for such a low investment? I was sceptical and almost passed it off, but I’m so glad I didn’t because it has been one of the best decisions of my life. The community that I found full of people I now genuinely consider to be family is invaluable to me.

I decided to go all in and make money with Builderall and at the end of 2017. I spoke at the first ever Builderall Mastery Summit. That was just a stepping stone of what was to come. In January 2018, I became the World’s First Builderall Certified Partner and I was one of Builderall’s top affiliates. This all happened a year after I attempted to take my own life.

It would not have been possible without Builderall and the highly supportive community. After that, things only got better.. In 2018, I travelled to three different continents and many different countries speaking on stage at every single Builderall business event.

James Taylor-Taylor your best life
Today, I have spoke in 9 different countries across 3 continents, sharing my story from suicide to success with everyone who needs to hear it. Imagine where I would be right now without the supportive Builderall community. If I had been in a shark infested community that would tear you down instead of build you up… Would I have ever seen success? Would I even be here anymore? Would I have quit and slipped back into old habits and succeeded at taking my own life? Luckily, I succeeded at finding the most genuine, supportive and helpful community. I’d like to invite you to take advantage of the Builderall sign up and become a part of that same community and see success like I have. Today. I continue to use all the Builderall tools in my business every day. To date, I’ve cleared over $500,000 in commissions as a Builderall affiliate, and have sold more than $500,000 in my own products and services using their checkouts and tools alone.
a Builderall affiliate. Taylor your best life.

I haven’t had to integrate 10+ tools to get to where I am in my business. I use nothing but the Builderall digital marketing tools for my entire digital marketing empire. The best part? All of the tools come from the same digital marketing platform . If I can use nothing but Builderall to run my million dollar business, then why not you?

The Builderall trial and demo funnel is a prime example of what you can create using Builderall and nothing else. Take the challenge and try to build the entire demo funnel in another tool. You won’t be able to!

James Taylor and Erick early 2018-Taylor your best life

I have a very close friendship with the CEO Erick Salgado, and a great relationship with the whole Builderall team. 

His vision is for everyone in the world, regardless of background or status, to be able to afford ALL the digital marketing tools they need to have a successful online business. So while the other big providers charge for a website builder, email package, webinar platform, chatbots and more, Erick’s company offers all of this and more for a fraction of the traditional price.

With Builderall, you will never pay more. Most competitors try to squeeze more money from you every time they add a new feature. Builderall always adds more value and updates without ever raising the price for existing users or trying to sell it as a separate product.

Builderall has come a long way in the last year and they have some awesome features and are adding new tools all the time. I’ve never known a company to give so much for so little.

It truly is a no brainer offer, which is how so many people have managed to grow so fast with it! If you’re still on the fence, there’s a 30-day refund policy and a Builderall trial so there’s truly nothing to lose. Plus you get to be part of something bigger than yourself. A movement to enable all entrepreneurs to get their message out there regardless of their budget. I know that Builderall is going to be the go to platform in the next couple of years.

I have worked with the 110 members of staff they have, been to their headquarters in Orlando Florida, spent lots of time with the CEO and spoke about my journey with Builderall in 9 different Countries. I believe in the product and in the team behind it like no other. I’d urge you to be a part of it and make money with Builderall.

Builderall Tools

Builderall has more than 40 digital marketing tools that integrate seamlessly with each other. For example, Builderall’s Cheetah Builder is the fastest website builder on the market today. Google loves pages built with Builderall; your pages can rank higher in the search engines and create a better user experience on your pages.

Builderall’s MailingBoss Autoresponder is a powerful automation machine. I use MailingBoss for all of my emails and automation throughout my many products and services. Many email autoresponders charge extortionate fees for a set amount of subscribers and sending quota. Builderall doesn’t.

There’s also an unlimited sending quota, so you can send unlimited emails to your list.

  • Builderall Training
  • Builderall Community

One of the things we hear most from our users is how amazing and helpful our community members are. I am often blown away by how open, giving and caring the Builderall community can be. It’s honestly touching to see the kind of heart-centered entrepreneurs they attract. Builderall are so proud of the community that they have built and the lives that have been touched as a result.

Builderall Business: It’s Like Family

Our Builderall family truly loves to give and regularly shares free training with the entire Builderall community! A large percentage of Builderall users tell us that they would pay to be a part of the community alone. It’s not just me that has had an amazing transformation and been touched by the Builderall community.

Jean Jaquez, has experienced the full love of the Builderall family as the whole community has followed the growth of his family with Emily (Builderall Baby #1) and now Everly (Builderall Baby #2)!

Barbie Figueroa lost her home and almost everything she owned in a devastating hurricane. As a wife and a mother of three, she needed to rebuild fast! With Builderall and the community at her side, she managed to rebuild a successful business and thrive.

Another example is a young man named Chad. Chad has built a 6-figure income with his Builderall business, all at the age of 21! Another one of the Builderall leaders, Marco, invested his last $100 into Builderall and with that faith has gone on to create a 6-figure income.

He has just bought a new house and continues to grow with Builderall! There’s so many amazing stories from this community, and Builderall strives to build a strong bond of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Builderall’s Affiliate Program

This tool has saved me thousands of dollars and continues to save me hundreds per month compared to its overpriced competitors. Not only that, but it has a killer affiliate program! You can make money with Builderall in so many different ways, and the program makes it simple.

It’s one of the hottest affiliate offers right now and has helped hundreds of people make their first ever commission online! They’ve paid out over $1,000,000 in commissions and are expanding every day. Unlike a lot of other affiliate programs, it’s not saturatedBuilderall is in one of the most solid niches in the world and is expanding into a market which has hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of users and hundreds of thousands of new users daily.

One of the largest competitors, Wix, has over 110,000,000 users and over 40,000 new users every day. Just think about that for a moment.40,000 new users a day?

Just 0.01% of that and you would be earning over $200 a day with a recurring income of $3,720 after a single month! There are billions of dollars flowing through this niche every single day, and it’s not as hard as you think to get a piece of the action. Getting in early is a surefire way of making things a lot easier for yourself. Think about it.

If you’re advertising Wix, which has over 110,000,000 users and has been around for over a decade, It’s going to be a lot harder to find people. On the other hand, when you find a little gem like Builderall, you’re going to hit A LOT more people who haven’t heard of it and you can work much less for much more in comparison with a saturated market.

Builderall Plans

Gain access to the Builderall digital marketing software when you sign up for one of the plans: Cheetah, Marketer, Premium or Funnel Club.

With Builderall’s Premium plan, you unlock over 30 high quality digital marketing tools that cover all of your needs, from ecommerce to webinars and everything in between. You can do it all with Builderall!

The Premium Plan gives you unlimited experience. With immediate access to the digital marketing software, you gain all of the tools you need to make more money for your business.

  • Create unlimited website, blogs and stores
  • Send unlimited emails to subscribers
  • Connect pages to your chatbots
  • Host sites and subdomains
  • Gain extensive traffic to your sites
  • And much more!

With our premium plan, you are limitless! If you area Builderall business affiliate, you unlock access to our Funnel Club where you get exclusive promotional material and a new funnel to promote every week.

Are you ready to sign up for your Builderall trial? Gain access to the most extensive digital marketing platform available, and make money along the way.