James Neville-Taylor

Cambridge, England

Thursday, 10:45 AM EST

Dear Internet Friend,

They Said It Wasn’t Possible…

After trying to take my own life in 2017 and not knowing a single thing about marketing… How could I break down all barriers to making money online and build a $300,000+ Per Year business like I have?

After enduring a fatherless home, 15+ care homes, mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse… How could someone who should have been a statistic, break through and create something no one else ever had. Imagine an affiliate marketing system so push button, that you never had to edit a single part of it. Picture how much time it takes to edit just 10 emails in a sequence with your links, your capture pages, your lead magnets and setting up your own membership site.

It takes so long to even edit ONE email sequence and update it with our information. The sheer amount of work that goes into setting up all our emails, web pages, membership sites, lead magnets and tech. Then the tweaking and testing to make sure it converts. It’s enough to make even the most committed give up.

I have finally discovered the solution. After struggling with depression and many other mental health issues for years. My aim was to create something, so easy, so push button and so simple…

That ANYONE regardless of background, tech knowledge or any other limitation could have a FULL online business set up with all the automation in minutes.

Introducing A BRAND NEW Technology

The ONLY technology that allows you to AUTO UPDATE all your signatures, links and information across hundreds and thousands of emails and pages without you ever clicking edit.

Yes, that means you can have thousands of emails, membership areas and web pages updated with your links in minutes without you ever editing a single one of them!
The program I am going to share with you today is the ONLY system in the world that utilizes this BRAND NEW Technology. With this NEW TECHNOLOGY, you can have EVERYTHING “automagically” updated with your links without you ever hitting edit. This means you have the same business I used to create a $300,000+ per year business in record time.

Imagine how much more quickly you will be able to succeed when you don’t have anything to set up. When you have every page, every lead magnet, every email and more already done for you and updated with your links. How much time do you think that will save you?

It Can Save You YEARS...

Tom Beal has been in the internet marketing game for almost 2 decades and has worked with all the top names including Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefran and more.
He’s been part of several multi million dollar products, but he had never seen anything like this.
He begged me to be able to purchase access to the new technology as soon as it was available and made 7 sales overnight with less than 40 optins. As my first client, here are some initial results…

Bobby Taylor always struggled with getting tech setup and was getting more and more frustrated with things not working the way he wanted. He would spend hours upon hours trying to set up the tech but it just wouldn’t work for him.

He has the vision and a brilliant business mind and has thriving offline businesses, but when it comes to the tech setup, he couldn’t seem to do it until he started using this technology. Because of this NEW technology he now has a fully automated machine set up for him without worrying about all the technical hiccups.

Bobby Taylor-Taylor your best life

Wayne Theriault had been online for years and was tired of setting everything up manually. Whenever he wanted to promote a new product, he would have to upload and edit every email, create new pages, create new membership areas and more.

The process was quite daunting!

But thanks to the new autotag technology, he has 40 different income streams, hundreds of emails and his own product at the end of a few minutes setup!

Wayne Theriault-Taylor your best life

Jean Jaquez is an 8 year digital marketing veteran and has tried all the done for you systems out there and even created a few. He has tried them all and even built a few, but always felt there was too much work to do still.
 With the new autotag technology, his jaw dropped and when he saw this system he said “James, you have set a new bar for Done For You Systems”.

Jean Jaquez-Taylor your best life

Now, you have probably tried numerous different Make Money Online systems before and had no success. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of rubbish out there. And I’m here to tell you,

It's Not Your Fault...

The real problem is that other programs don’t have this technology and leave you fending for yourself to build a system that takes 6 months to set up. Once you’ve built the system, set up the automation, edited your emails, your pages, your lead magnets, your products and everything else. You are already 6 months in with NO results…

Then you have to test your pages, drive lots of traffic and spend more time and money, tweaking and testing. With this new technology, everything is set up for you in minutes. Which brings us to another real problem which  is most of those online “Gurus” only give you HALF of the solution. They sell you one part of the puzzle and then try to sell you into their higher ticket coaching program to unlock the rest.

That Is Just WRONG!

It happened to my friend Rachel. She maxed out her credit cards buying an “all in one” product from a well known “guru”, only to find it didn’t deliver on what they promised. They told her to get to the next level she would need to invest 5 figures into coaching before she could continue. Again, so WRONG… Curt went through the same thing…

You work hard for your money, and they promise you will get the full package. But then they deliver a sub par product with higher ticket coaching, massive addons and you can’t do half of what they promised unless you join their higher program

What I am about to reveal to you is NOT one of those. The system I am about to show you has EVERYTHING. And it includes the technology to have a system that would normally take more than 6 months to set up…

Ready To Go In minutes.

My passion for this system came from helping those that were in my position a few years ago.

Given up hope…

And on the verge of ending it all. To give people struggling some hope and belief in themselves that they too can achieve something they can be proud of. To support themselves and take pride in being able to stand on their own two feet. This is the real reason I created this system, and right now it is available to everyone. If a suicidal addict that never studied marketing a day in his life can make this work… Then what can it do for you?

Only Those Who Get In EARLY Will Get This Deal.

Most people will be left out.

That’s why you need to act right now… Get ahead of the stampede of buyers… Ahead of the MASSIVE buying frenzy that will ensue when word gets out.

I will NEVER do this again.

And it is only for those that get in early. Now when I first got started online, I am betting I was in a worse position than you. I was recovering from my final suicide attempt and had not studied a single piece of marketing my entire life. I missed half of my high school education from moving into 15 different care homes as a kid and dropped out of college after a few months.
In 2017 I was so nervous that I didn’t even dare put a profile picture up on Facebook.

I never wrote anything original because I thought people would mock me, and my confidence was at an all time low… I tried agency work, I tried e-com, I tried so many different things before I found the best and easiest business model in the world. I took out a few credit cards, bought a $1,000 course, and another $1,000 course and I felt like I was no closer to making any money. Can you relate?

Have you Bought some expensive overpriced course just to see 0 results… Only to be sold into some higher ticket program that doesn’t deliver?

I’ve been there


Once I discovered affiliate marketing, I tried a few different products, I tried selling software, I tried selling on Amazon, I tried selling courses and I was making 0 commissions. Again, can you relate?

How many times have you tried selling something to crickets, no sales $0. Yup, that was me. I tried Paid ads and was just throwing money at the wall to see what stuck. The danger zone was looming and I was running out of money FAST. I was getting overly overdrawn and down to my last dollar…

selling on Amazon-Taylor your best life

Then I discovered something truly amazing.

I was getting more and more frustrated with having no success online and was sick of trying the same old stuff to no avail.

That was when I had my breakthrough moment. More than 6 months after I started with zero results, negative zero results by thousands. Lets be honest, most people would have quit. I made my first commission that month, and another and another, In that month, I made over $1,000.

How would you like an extra $1,000 in your bank account?

Well, it wasn’t just a one time thing… I made $1,000 the next and the next and it just grew and grew from there!

In under a year from trying to take my own life I was one of the TOP affiliates for that company.

one of the TOP affiliates-Taylor your best life

It was at that moment, I realized I could do this.
I could support myself, I was worth so much more than I thought for so many years, and I was only just beginning to tap into my full potential. I discovered an amazing breakthrough that month which is what I now use in my business every day. Since then, I have…


Become a top affiliate for THREE different companies...

I even got invited to an event on a private Yacht in Cancun to talk about how I was marketing!

James Taylor-Taylor your best life

Became an international speaker in 9 different countries across 3 continents...

Builderall bonus Taylor your best life

Regularly earn over $1,000 per day PROFIT...

over $1,000 per day PROFIT-Taylor your best life

Won multiple competitions for different launches, summits and products...

Won contests against people who have literally been in this space for decades..

James Taylor-Won contests against people-Taylor your best life

Shared my story from Suicide to Success with thousands of people, gave people hope and saved some lives from suicide with my story. (An ongoing mission which I will pursue relentlessly)  And have a $300,000+ per year business… Most of which is now recurring and profit because of the beauty of affiliate marketing.
And have not only helped myself, but helped dozens of others build their businesses and 10x their sales in a short amount of time.