7 Reasons to Join the Builderall Affiliate Program

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Whether you just began your business or you’re celebrating a 20-year anniversary of leaving your 9 to 5 job, Builderall is worth the consideration.

Builderall is the world’s most complete and powerful digital marketing platform. It’s a comprehensive database of useful tools and training opportunities to brush up on your skills and turn current goals into future realities. One of its greatest gifts to seasoned business owners, newly aspiring entrepreneurs and talented content creators alike is the Builderall Affiliate Program.

What is the Builderall Affiliate Program?

The exclusive two-tier program is a marketing strategy that has been used to introduce thousands of businesses to the marketing solution. It’s an opportunity to generate leads and commissions. By forming these partnerships, Builderall has created solid income streams and opportunities for thousands of different entrepreneurs in the digital space.

There are two options to consider when joining the Builderall Affiliate program:

    1. Builderall customer/affiliate: With this option, you gain automatic affiliate approval by purchasing the Builderall Premium Plan or the Builderall Funnel Club Plan. With this option, you gain access to the complete marketing platform while simultaneously making connections with other businesses in the industry.
    2. Builderall solo affiliate: The second option is for those who don’t have access or experience with the Builderall platform. To become an affiliate, you must fill out an application and wait for approval from a staff member. This can take up to 30 days.
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7 Reasons to Join the Builderall Affiliate Program

Now that you’re more familiar with the program offerings, let’s dive deeper. Joining the Builderall Affiliate Program comes with many benefits to your business. Here’s why I highly recommend getting involved:

1. It’s an opportunity for a steady revenue stream

The Builderall Affiliate Program pays thousands of dollars in recurring commissions every month to its affiliates. On a monthly basis, there are hundreds of affiliates who earn upwards of five figures with the affiliate program alone. As an affiliate, you receive a 30% commission on the sales of affiliates you bring in. And the opportunity is incredible.

Ranking for 2020, I earned more than $500,000 in Builderall affiliate commissions. And many other affiliates made hundreds of thousands of dollars are well.

2. Get bonuses over time

As a Builderall affiliate, you can also make money on top of your commissions. With every 100 active subscribers you bring in through your affiliate plan, you get an additional $500. This bonus opportunity is a great monetary benefit, but it can also be considered a push of motivation – getting more affiliates can be a goal you strive to achieve on a regular basis, potentially earning you more money than you planned for.

3. Join an everlasting niche

Today, every business needs an online presence. They need to have a unique website, strong content and a smart marketing strategy. That’s what makes Builderall a useful niche to get behind. Business owners and entrepreneurs alike are opening up shop every day, and they could all use a helping hand to get the ball rolling. Introducing them to Builderall can give them the tools they need to succeed while simultaneously earning yourself commission along the way.

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4. Gain access to the user-friendly platform

When you choose the customer affiliate program option, you gain access to all of the useful tools and apps that can make managing your digital marketing tasks a breeze. Some of the tools to expect include:

  • MailingBoss, an email marketing and autoresponder tool that helps you create and import email lists, send automated email campaigns and more.
  • Cheetah Website Builderall, the app that helps you effectively and efficiently create sales pages and landing pages for your website.
  • ChatBot, a tool that lets you create a bot that can take care of automated customer service tasks for your website visitors.
  • SuperCheckout, the app that lets you receive direct payments from customers which can help you pay sales commissions and create your own affiliate network.

Becoming a customer affiliate is a great way to enhance your knowledge and improve your promotional posts. The more experience you have with Builderall, the better you can craft your language to encourage others to learn more.

5. Experience an amazing sense of community

The team at Builderall and all affiliates involved have built a community. It’s a motivational group of people who want to watch their own businesses prevail, but simultaneously hope the same for the rest of the entrepreneurs. Joining the affiliate program offers a great sense of accomplishment, motivation and inspiration as you watch your commissions grow and improve your business practices over time.

6. Gain access to the affiliate commission calculator

Wondering how much money you can make? The affiliate commission calculator can simulate your earnings based on your current network. Based on how many sales you can make, affiliates you can bring in and how much those affiliates make can determine what your estimated recurring income will be. In fact, you can gain access to this calculator right now.

7. Grow your business from the ground up

No matter where you are in your journey as a business owner, anyone can join the affiliate program. But if you’re a new entrepreneur who’s looking for an opportunity to bring in money, the Builderall Affiliate Program is highly recommended. As long as you have the drive and dedication for promotion, you can be successful.

As the world’s first Builderall Certified Partner and one of Builderall’s top affiliates, I take pride in my partnership with this company and encourage anyone with a business to join the community. I use Builderall for my entire digital marketing empire.

If I can use nothing but Builderall to run my million-dollar business, then why not you?

Are you ready to join the fastest-growing community in the world? Read more about my experience with Builderall here and inquire about your Builderall free trial.

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