Why Choose Systeme.io Over Traditional All-In-One Marketing Platform?

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Building a website, a blog, or a course can be a stumbling block for many entrepreneurs. Coding is tedious and confusing, and marketing software is outrageously expensive. I believe that marketing should be accessible for every businessperson, and I’m glad there is affordable software that can make that possible!  

For a very low price, Systeme IO offers a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and makes business accessible to everyone. 

The Best Marketing Software

I believe that a refresh is in order, so that you understand why Systeme IO wipes the floor with its competition. There are many similar platforms on the market, and quite a few of them perform very impressively. However, no other marketing software currently available does as much as Systeme IO for such a good price. 

I have included as many popular Systeme IO alternatives as possible below to explain just how Systeme IO might be a better choice for your company. 

You may know that Builderall has long been my favorite platform for marketing my business. I’m a big fan of their affiliate program and have found great success using their website. That said, there is a steep overhead for monthly Builderall access. While I still highly recommend their software, Systeme IO might be a more accessible choice for your business. 

While Builderall will cost you a minimum of $47 per month, Systeme IO’s free plan is free forever. Their most complete unlimited plan is only $97 per month, compared to Builderall’s $247 per month. Systeme IO also does not charge for sales funnels, while Builderall’s sales funnels begin at $80 per month. Further, Systeme IO offers unlimited file storage space with its free plan, and Builderall’s storage space is limited. 

ClickFunnels is specifically designed for sales, and its price is steep. Their basic plan starts at $127 per month, and lacks the blogs, affiliate program, and unlimited storage space of Systeme IO. When judging value for money, Systeme IO wins this round by a landslide. 

  • DropFunnels

Even with their most affordable plan plus major discounts, DropFunnels is $99 per month. Their marketing software does not include emailing, automation rules, workflows, file storage space, or an affiliate program. Far from being the best all-in-one marketing platform, DropFunnels isn’t even comprehensive. 

GetResponse is one of the few other marketing platforms with an affordable bill, starting at only $15.58 per month. Unfortunately, their most affordable plan is even more limited than Systeme IO’s free plan. GetResponse offers no sales or deadline funnels, no email campaigns, no blogs, no courses, no automation rules or workflow, limited storage space, and poor payment integration. As I’m sure is obvious to you, I do not recommend GetResponse as an all-in-one marketing platform. 

Kajabi is the gold standard of course creation and marketing software, and the brand name comes with a cost. Kajabi plans start at $119 per month, even with a discount for paying annually. I like their program for course creators, but it’s far too niche for most entrepreneurs. If you need a truly all-in-one marketing software, I would skip the cost of Kajabi and stick with Systeme IO. 

Kartra is, unsurprisingly, expensive. Starting at $99 per month, the Kartra membership includes no deadline funnels, no blogs, and only 50GB of storage space. My main complaint with Kartra is their cost; I find it outrageous to spend nearly $1,200 for fewer tools than Systeme IO’s free plan includes.  

Leadpages is just as limiting in design as naysayers claim Systeme IO to be, and its price jumps seem excessive. A basic plan is $37 per month, a mid-range plan costs $74 per month, and Leadpages no longer lists the price of its advanced plan online. The last I saw the price, it was a $300 leap in cost to the final tier. This is off-putting for many reasons, not least because their suite of tools is lacking. 

Leadpages does not offer emailing, blogs, courses, automation rules, workflows, PayPal integration, or an affiliate program. I would never choose Leadpages over Systeme IO.  

  • Mailchimp

Mailchimp is, again, wildly expensive. Systeme IO’s unlimited plan costs only $97 for unlimited use of every marketing tool on their site, while Mailchimp’s premium account starts at $350 per month.  

If the cost wasn’t prohibitive enough, remember that Mailchimp is a niche software focused on emailing. Even though they have an email focus, the company limits emails sent to 10,000. 

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Mailchimp also does not offer sales or deadline funnels, blogs, courses, an affiliate program, or a custom domain. Additionally, their customer support lapses after the first 30 days of your membership and they charge a 2% transaction fee. Please don’t use Mailchimp for your comprehensive marketing needs!  

Lastly, let’s cover WordPress, one of the foremost blogging sites. If you’re in the market for an all-in-one marketing platform, you probably aren’t considering WordPress.  

Although their free plan is a great, affordable way to blog, WordPress offers no custom domains, no affiliate program, no contacts, no funnels, no emailing, no courses, no automation rules, no workflows, no payment integration, and very limited storage space.  

Systeme.io’s All-in-One Marketing Platform

If Systeme IO’s benefits alone weren’t enough to get you to consider using the platform, I hope my comparisons to the many lesser, more pricy platforms out there have helped. I truly believe that Systeme IO is the most complete, accessible all-in-one marketing platform available today.  

With an impressive suite of tools and an incredible price, Systeme IO certainly is the best marketing software available on a budget. Even if your marketing department has no financial constraints, I believe Systeme IO to be a worthy choice for any business’s needs. 

Start your free trial today! 

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Systeme.io is definitely the most affordable all-in-one marketing platform on the market. I recommend it to beginners, those on a budget, and anyone else whose main hosting priority is not profit. For those looking to take their business to the next level, however, I do believe that the cons will outweigh the pros.  

To gain all the same benefits as Systeme.io and also introduce a passive income stream to your marketing, I highly recommend Builderall. Their affiliate program will help you drive traffic to your site, build your brand, and pay you a commission. Builderall has excellent tools and all the support you will need to achieve your dreams! There’s no reason not to try a two-week free trial

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