4 Kajabi Alternatives: Why Systeme.io Makes the Cut

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It’s no secret in the business world that Kajabi is widely viewed as the gold standard for online course hosting platforms. For many other types of business owners, however, Kajabi can be both limiting and expensive.

Though a one-size-fits-all solution certainly sounds attractive, Kajabi is specifically designed for course creators. This can be stifling when trying to expand your business beyond classes, or when attempting to customize funnels and workflow.

That said, if your business is knowledge-based, Kajabi could be perfect for you! Their course creator tool, website builder, email marketing software, and sales funnels are made for creators who teach. To cast a narrow net for clients seeking your knowledge, we do recommend Kajabi.

Unfortunately, Kajabi’s platform is both hyperspecific and expensive, starting at $119 per month. For small businesses with a broader scope, the limiting aspects of Kajabi can be a wasted and expensive effort.

Keep reading to learn why investing in a cheaper alternative to Kajabi may be right for your business.

Best Kajabi Alternatives

If the cons of Kajabi outweigh its pros for your business, there are several other sophisticated, versatile, and user-friendly online hosting platforms. Whether you choose Builderall, ClickFunnels, Kartra, or Systeme.io, you will gain powerful, user-friendly tools at more affordable prices.

Builderall is one of my personal favorite business tools. Since 2017 I have made over $1 million through the Builderall platform. With its affiliate and marketing programs, Builderall is a one-stop shop for business owners.

As a cheaper Kajabi alternative, plans start at only $47 per month. Because the platform is so broad, digital marketing through Builderall is not limited to course creation!

Though ClickFunnels can also be a fantastic alternative to Kajabi for course creation, the possibilities don’t stop there. Rather, the focus of ClickFunnels is to streamline your lead generation pipeline. From bait to backend, ClickFunnels will help you build trust with your clients.

Unfortunately, a major con against ClickFunnels is price; a basic monthly plan starts at $127 per month. However, if you are looking for a more general platform for website building and sales funnels, we still consider it a better choice than Kajabi.

Kartra, another online hosting platform and Kajabi competitor will also streamline marketing and eCommerce for your business. The biggest difference between Kajabi and Kartra is, yet again, the size of the net you want to cast. Kartra paints in much broader strokes than the specific course focus Kajabi uses. Basic plans start at $99 per month for one domain.

Lastly, we believe that Systeme.io is the best free Kajabi alternative. With a free Systeme.io plan, you will access online hosting for one domain, three funnels, one course, and unlimited emails. The platform’s UI is very user-friendly and makes website building easy.

Additionally, Systeme.io’s premium unlimited plan only costs $97 per month, which is lower than the starting plans for ClickFunnels, Kartra, and Kajabi. With no financial commitment for a basic plan, there are very few downsides!

Systeme.io Cons

Despite the aim to make every online hosting platform one-size-fits-all, no two businesses are the same. Every entrepreneur can’t use the same one-stop shop for their website and marketing! There are two main reasons Systeme.io may not work for you:

1. It’s not specifically built for course creators.

The beauty of Kajabi is in its specificity. It is hands down the best platform for those looking to exclusively build, market, and sell courses. Though it lacks the sales focus of Systeme.io, it is well-structured for educational entrepreneurs.

2. The platform lacks a basic course builder and learning tools.

Kajabi’s course designing tools allow full customization of layouts, themes, and codes, unlike Systeme.io. Though you have full control over the content of your course, the layout is preset. Further, Systeme.io’s sole learning tool is a right/wrong quiz, while Kajabi allows for coaching tools, quizzes, assessments, and tests.

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Systeme.io Pros

Though Kajabi takes the prize for learning tools and course creation, Systeme.io has a lot to offer:

  • An advanced funnel builder with A/B testing
  • Free and otherwise affordable plans
  • A sales-focused approach
  • A streamlined page builder
  • Flexible checkout options for digital, physical, and service products
  • Automated affiliate payout
  • Flexible email workflow

All things considered, we believe that Systeme.io is the best affordable alternative to Kajabi for sales-focused businesses. It’s certainly the best bang for your buck if you need an online hosting platform with flexible, user-friendly sales tools. Although Systeme.io is not designed for course creators, it is a fantastic, affordable platform.

Choosing Your Platform

We are excited about all of the hosting platforms available to business owners, but it can also be overwhelming to pick one. Choosing the right plan for you will be a process unique to your financial and career goals.

Whether you are an educational entrepreneur looking to market and host classes or you are selling physical products, the tools you need are available. The right platform can be transformative to your business! I have certainly found this to be true, and have been thrilled with my hosting choice for years.

If Systeme.io’s features aren’t right for you, I encourage you to take another look at Builderall. It is my favorite platform, and where my clients and I have found the most success. Beyond just offering hosting and sales tools, Builderall’s affiliate program can also boost your passive income. Overall, its tools far outshine both Systeme.io and Kajabi.

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