Are Thank You Pages Necessary For Your Website?

A thank you page is a webpage that is visited after a customer has completed an online purchase. The purpose of the thank you page is to offer an opportunity for the business and customer to interact in a way that might not have been possible otherwise, such as providing order status updates or including additional product offerings. Only a small percentage of businesses still use thank you pages when their customers complete purchases on their websites.

Yet, I believe that thank you pages are still important for businesses to use. Even if only every other customer who buys the product provides their email address, that is valuable information for a business to have on file! If you don’t get this contact info through thank you pages, then how will you be able to stay in touch with your customers? This post will help you determine whether it’s necessary to have a thank you page for your website, and if so, how to implement one.

What Is A Thank You Page?

A thank you page is one of several types of post-purchase follow-up pages. It’s the last step that happens after a customer has just purchased something on your website. This page is intended to be a reminder of the customer’s purchase and thank them for their business. It can also serve as an opportunity to build your relationship with new customers, let them know about any follow-up purchases or additional products, offer discounts on future orders (if applicable), and provide more information about certain aspects of your company’s mission. Thank you pages are usually designed similarly to the rest of a website. However, they can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. The thank you page is also an opportunity for your business and/or design team to stand out from competitors and show off what they’re capable of creating!

Why Use A Thank You Page?

A thank you page is a place on your website where customers can give their contact information in exchange for the product they’ve just purchased. If there are any additional questions or concerns about the product, that weren’t addressed during the initial sales conversation, these issues will be able to get resolved. As well, if a customer is interested in purchasing additional products or services, they can do so at this point. Capturing a customer’s email address is a great way to begin building a relationship with them. Building email lists can help you create awareness and trust with your customers. It also forms the basis of remarketing campaigns and can help you build effective lead funnels over time.

Email marketing is the future of a successful online business, so it’s important to get started now!

What Should Be On A Thank You Page?

Your thank you page is a marketing opportunity that shouldn’t be missed, so make sure to include clear calls-to-action for your customer to complete. A thank you page should include several key elements: I want to make something perfectly clear: thank you pages should not be used as a place for businesses to add additional product offerings.  That’s what your website is for! Thank you pages are only intended to serve one purpose and that is to provide information on the status of orders, answer questions about products or services, and include follow-up offers.

What Should A Thank You Page Look Like?

Your thank you page should also be visually pleasing. Design a thank you page with soft colors and images of your product or use creative text to convey the message that this is an important part of the buying process. Make sure that there is nothing confusing about your thank you page and it’s easy for customers to understand exactly what they’re signing up for. Thank you page design should be warm, welcoming, and inviting.

Include a simple form that asks for the customer’s name, email address, and phone number so you can send them even more information via mail or text message. Mention other benefits of thank you pages including: follow-up offers, discounts, and affiliate links. Don’t forget to include a thank-you note from your company as well!

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Examples Of Thank You Pages

If you’re interested in building a thank you page of your own, check out these three thank you page examples before getting started.

Thank You Page Example #01

Thank you so much for buying our all-in-one website builder! We hope that we can keep making dreams come true with all of the amazing products and services available on our site. Please click here if there is anything else we can help you with.

Thank You Page Example #02:

Thanks for purchasing! We hope that you love your new Rapid Profit Machine. We’d love to keep in touch and see how your next few months go. Fill out the form below to join our email list and feel free to reach out with any questions along the way.

Thank You Page Example #03:

Thanks for joining our team! We’d like to offer you a  free bonus of our latest video course, “How to Build Your Blogging Empire”. Just click on the link below and enter your email for instant access.

Build Your Thank You Page Today!

Thank you pages are the final touch that every website needs to give its users. It adds a sense of completion and appreciation, which leaves an impression on visitors. If this is something your site currently lacks, it may be time to consider implementing one!

Not sure how to get started? Contact our team to learn how you can create a high-performing thank you page for your business.

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