Builderall vs Leadpages: Pros and Cons

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Small business owners and entrepreneurs alike know that developing and maintaining an online business is no simple task. Between curating the website, creating landing pages, building sales funnels, and coming up with an email marketing strategy, it’s helpful to have digital tools and planning resources that can help you along the way.

If you’re interested in investing in digital marketing and website building software, Builderall and Leadpages are two similar providers to consider. Let’s compare Builderall vs Leadpages and discuss the potential pros and cons that come with each offering.

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Builderall Review

Created by Erick Salgado, Builderall is a great digital marketing platform for anyone who wants to start a new online business. With over 30 different features, such as a drag and drop website builder, sales funnel builder, and email marketing strategy tool, there are so many different opportunities to leverage your products or services and meet your bottom line goals as a small business owner or entrepreneur.

Pros of the Builderall Platform

Builderall comes with a lot of benefits:

  • Gain tools galore. Anyone who wrote a Builderall 3.0 review and beyond explains just how astonishing the list of tools and features is. When you sign up with Builderall, you gain access to at least 30 of these tools, and even more when you start at a higher tier. The Cheetah website Builder, Mailingboss 5.0, Funnel Club 5.0, and more are available when you sign up for a Builderall account.
  • Get more bang for your buck. For all of the features Builderall has to offer, you would assume that the price is through the roof. However, Builderall is actually a very cost-friendly platform. The Cheetah plan is $14.90 per month, the Marketer plan is $69.90 per month, the Premium plan is $79.90 per month, and the Funnel Club plan is $79.90 per month with a first payment of $199.
  • Try the Builderall Affiliate program. Become a Builderall affiliate and start making money in your sleep. All you have to do is place your affiliate link in your blog, on your website, and across your social media posts. When someone clicks and signs up for Builderall, you make a commission.
  • Host and build your website. Builderall doesn’t only offer website building tools, it also comes with hosting capabilities.
  • Utilize templates. Builderall has over 400 different templates to fit a variety of business and industry types. You’ll find templates for landing pages, sales funnels, and more.

Cons of the Builderall Platform

While minuscule, there are still a few downsides to Builderall:

  • No lifetime deal. In the past, Builderall has run lifetime deal opportunities when you sign up. There is no Builderall lifetime deal at the moment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t make a return! Currently, you can get a 14-day trial when you sign up for a Builderall plan.
  • Overwhelming amount of features. While the plethora of tools provided by Builderall can give you everything to run your business successfully, it can also come off a bit intimidating at the start.
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Leadpages Review

Leadpages is an effective online website builder and email marketing platform that helps you collect leads and connect with potential buyers. With its user-friendly templates, you can create sales pages, webinars, lead magnets, and more with the end goal of growing your email subscription list.

Pros of the Leadpages Platform

The benefits of Leadpages include:
  • Build a new website, optimize an old one. The Leadpages website builder includes a user-friendly drag-and-drop style editing process so you can tailor your website to fit your unique brand reputation.
  • Convert leads with ease. With analytics access, you can see exactly how your website is performing in real-time. This enables you to figure out which actions will convert leads fastest.
  • Gain tons of templates. Just like Builderall, Leadpages comes with a variety of templates you can use if you don’t want to start from scratch. It may not be as many as Builderall (Leadpages has 200 themes to choose from) but you may find this amount of options to be less overwhelming.
  • Let customer service save the day. Leadpages calls their customer service their “secret sauce.” They provide world-class customer support whenever you need it, enabling you to reach the support team via phone, email, or chat. They even offer marketing education resources like virtual workshops and coaching so you can learn how to best utilize their platform.

Cons of the Leadpages Platform

Cons to expect if you invest in Leadpages:
  • Pricing fluctuation. While Leadpages offers a 14-day free trial with any of its plans, their set prices can be a little off-putting. The monthly rate for the standard plan is $49, the Pro plan is $99, and the Advanced plan is $399. Some users would consider this a steep pricing jump.
  • Limited opportunity for customization. While the drag-and-drop website builder allows you to personalize your pages, you don’t get the same functionality if you start from a standard template. Beyond changing the text font and color, there isn’t a lot of flexibility in page creation.

Change Your Life With Builderall Today

The benefits of Builderall strongly outweigh the disadvantages, and when placed side-by-side with Leadpages, I think the decision is clear.

Builderall offers everything you could ever want and more in a platform for creating sales funnels, building a website, and utilizing email campaigns to market your product to your target audience.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing suite and website builder that’s user-friendly, cost-effective, and versatile, Builderall is the option for you.

Overall, Builderall can provide the services you need to start and grow your business. And with the Builderall affiliate program, you can make a passive income on the side. So what are you waiting for?

Join the Rapid Profit Machine today.

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