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What is the best ClickFunnels Alternative?

So you want to know what the best ClickFunnels alternative 2021 is? So, stop wasting your time and energy on overhyped and overpriced tools just because of all the gurus and the marketing hype. ClickFunnels has amazing marketing but when it comes to tools ClickFunnels itself, is it really that good?

Let’s be honest. ClickFunnels at the end of the day is a page builder from 2014 that organizes pages in a funnel format and if we look at ClickFunnels greatest sales pitch… It’s the two comma club which they claim that all those gurus made millions of dollars using ClickFunnels but that’s not entirely true.

They use ClickFunnels with dozens of other different tools like WebinarJam, Manychat, GetResponse, Calendly, Aweber, Funnelytics and many other different softwares depending how sophisticated the funnel is. So is it really about clickfunnels or the entrepreneur behind the marketing strategy? Could you have done that in another platform with the same strategy?

Yes you could have, spending less money and getting better results.

Clickfunnels Alternative - Taylor your best life

That’s why i’m here today… We all know that to a seven-figure earner spending a thousand dollars a month on tools doesn’t really matter, but when it comes to the other 99.9% of entrepreneurs, saving hundreds of dollars a month in tools could be the factor between keeping your business and not quitting your dreams in just a couple of months.

Success online doesn’t come in a week. In most cases it takes months or even years, so persistence is key and to make it happen you need the best tools that you can afford. Today i’m going to show you once and for all the best ClickFunnels alternative period. Not only am I going to help you save thousands of dollars a month, but i’m going to help you save energy time and get you better results.

Trust me, I know how frustrating it is to spend a lot of money on limited and unfriendly tools that don’t get you the results you’re looking for. Now i don’t normally do this type of post, but listen because this is very important… After reading ClickFunnels official blog post comparing ClickFunnels to the alternative i’m gonna show you in this post.

Clickfunnels Alternative - Taylor your best life

I felt like i should do my own comparison based on actual facts. So in this post I’m gonna be comparing ClickFunnels and Builderall to prove once and for all that builderall not only is the best ClickFunnels alternative, but the best option for anyone looking for better results online. To be honest this is not even a fair comparison because when it comes to tools it is game over for ClickFunnels.

Let me quickly explain what Builderall is Builderall is the most complete and efficient digital marketing platform on the market. What makes builderall the best is that they have more than 30 different tools included in their software all integrated with each other. This means that you don’t have to sign up for five or six different tools and spend hundreds of hours having to learn each and every single one of them and then having to learn how to integrate them all together.

Builderall is easy it’s fast and you have everything right there in your dashboard. In fact you can customize your dashboard according to your exact needs. Now that being said, let’s first compare page and website speed. The best way of doing this is by seeing the results of each official sales page because ClickFunnels was built with ClickFunnels and Builderall was built with Builderall

Taylor your best life

So as you can see this right here is the result for ClickFunnels and this is the result for Builderall. As you can see Builderall gets a better result for both mobile and desktop version.

The reason i’m showing you this is because the speed of your websites and funnels directly impact the conversions of your business it’s obvious the faster your website loads the better results you’re gonna get. Now moving on to the next topic the famous drag and drop visual builder that is what clickfunnels calls their funnel builder.

According to the article, ClickFunnels stated with ClickFunnels you can edit any page of your website or sales funnel. Just choose an element on the right drag onto the page drop it and edit simple as that.

Clickfunnels Alternative - Taylor your best life

Now what they actually don’t tell you is that you don’t really have the freedom to place the object anywhere you want on the page.

Unlike ClickFunnels, with Builderall you have the freedom to get an object in place anywhere you want all over your website or funnels you have 100% freedom to edit your websites and funnels however you like. With Builderall, this is possible because Builderall the only real responsive drag and drop website builder in the world. Now this is not a big deal but as i scroll down the blog article i immediately saw this photo right here…

Taylor your best life

So you’re telling me that after i purchase ClickFunnels, Ii still have to pay a hundred and forty seven dollars for a template?

You gotta you gotta be kidding me? You’re kidding right? Because with Builderall you get thousands of templates all included with your plan. So the next thing they talk about on their blog post is some of their features like a/b split testing, unlimited conversion tracking, easy to use email autoresponder and some of clickfunnels integrations.

Now builderall has everything they said they have on their blog post except for some of their integrations and the reason is because you don’t have to integrate anything with Builderall! Builderall has everything included in their plan. On the other hand ClickFunnels is just a page builder and that’s why they need all of those integrations. Let me give an example if you are a ClickFunnels user you’ve probably heard of Russell’s book DotCom Secrets.

Clickfunnels Alternative - Taylor your best life

Throughout the book russell states that one of the best funnels that you can build is a webinar funnel. Yet ClickFunnels does not have a webinar tool! Guess what? Builderall does and it’s freaking awesome! You can do all types of webinars and the best part is that with only two clicks you can integrate your webinar with your funnels and websites.

Another example is how ClickFunnels just love to create upsell courses and they actually do a pretty good job except for the fact that they always use a simple members area. On builderall you have a complete e-learning tool made for professionals where you can make your students take a test and earn a certificate at the end of your course.

Again it’s included with Builderall and it’s super easy to place on your websites and funnels. Another thing is Builderall has video hosting for your courses and ClickFunnels does not. Now, to make this post a little bit shorter, I’m going to give you just a few examples of my favorite Builderall tools.

Taylor your best life

The Builderall canvas. This is a feature where you build funnels from your blueprints.

Taylor your best life

The Builderall CRM. This is a feature we use to track our funnels and create automations.

Taylor your best life

The Builderall Magazine Builder. This is a feature where you build ebooks for your funnels. Plus 30 other amazing tools and features to help you get better results for your business. Now last but not least, let’s talk about price.

Does it really matter how much you’re going to pay because to me what really matters is your results and right now i’ve just proven to you that Builderall is the best option for any entrepreneur. Either way let’s look at the price you guys probably know that ClickFunnels currently has three different plans of course they could change it in the future but currently they have three different plans.

They have:

  • Standard $97 a month.
  • Premium $297 a month.
  • Collective $1,497 a month.

As I started to go over the features on each plan I got a little bit confused because i wasn’t sure exactly what the backpack feature was at first. I thought it was a set of tools to help you get better results with your funnel, but later on I found out it was simply an affiliate program to integrate with your funnels. Are you kidding me? Builderall has the same, if not a better affiliate system in their checkout because you can choose how many affiliation levels you can have and it’s all included with your plan.

Anyways let’s move on with the Builderall plans. Builder all currently has five plans right now. The most complete Builderall plan is $69 a month and that includes all of the tools features and trainings. My guess is that in a couple of months or the near future Builderall will increase their price too which is still amazing. Again all the tools trainings courses, funnel club funnel templates, the community all for 97 dollars a month.

Unlike ClickFunnels, Builderall is fully transparent with their affiliates and users. There are no upsell surprises. In fact whenever builderall increases the price of their plans, current Builderall users still keep on paying the same price forever. To finish this, I would like to read the last part of ClickFunnels blog post…

“Builderall versus ClickFunnels, which will you choose? Which service best fits your business or maybe the better question is do you want to build a basic website or do you want to build a high converting sales funnel? At the end of the day ClickFunnels will help you collect leads and sell products, Builderall will help you build a professional looking website. The choice is yours.”

Clickfunnels Alternative - Taylor your best life

All right… First of all, basic websites?

With Builderall you are able to create amazing looking websites and with the cheetah builder you’re also able to create incredible high converting sales funnels. In fact, I challenge ClickFunnels or any ClickFunnels user to build a better funnel than the Builderall Demo Funnel. If you accept my challenge, I left the link to the funnel below, Now here are the rules you have to use ClickFunnels and ClickFunnels only to build the same exact funnel that i built entirely on Builderall.

Again to prove that Builderall is the best option for any serious entrepreneur looking for better results and not the marketing hype. You want to know what Builderall actually capable of doing?

Click on the link below and accept my challenge. I’m challenging ClickFunnels and all of ClickFunnels users to see who has the best tool… But to be honest if I were you I wouldn’t even waste my time because both you and I know that ClickFunnels is nowhere near Builderall when it comes to software capabilities. Thank you so much for Listening and I look forward to seeing you in the Builderall Community.

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