How to Become a Builderall Affiliate

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The benefits of joining an affiliate marketing program are abundant. From being your own boss and making money online to increasing traffic to your website and social media accounts, becoming an affiliate marketer comes with a flexible, professional lifestyle. 

But you shouldn’t just join any affiliate marketing program. Finding a niche that you’re passionate about and a company that aligns with your audience and professional standards is essential. 

Builderall is a company to get behind, providing the most powerful and complete digital marketing and online business platform available. When you become a Builderall affiliate, you can earn commissions, expand your reach and establish your brand. 

Ready to become a Builderall affiliate? Here’s how:

1. Choose Your Plan 

Once you’ve determined that Builderall’s affiliate program is the right fit for you, you’re ready to sign up. You have two different options:

Option 1: Builderall Customer/Affiliate

With this option, you gain immediate access to the affiliate program for purchasing the Builderall Premium Plan or the Builderall Funnel Club Plan. You become a Builderall customer and promoter all in one motion. By gaining access to the most complete and comprehensive digital marketing platform available, you get unmatched insight into the platform’s benefits and how it can assist entrepreneurs and business owners in your network. As soon as you activate your plan, you get your referral link and can start to earn Builderall commissions.

Option 2: Builderall Solo Affiliate

The second option is for those who plan to use a different platform to promote Builderall. Since you won’t have access to Builderall, you have to apply to become a Builderall affiliate. 

The application process is simple, asking for general contact information, social media links, and questions about your plans with Builderall promotion. To be considered for the affiliate program, you must fill the application out in its entirety. Any uncompleted applications, or applications with false information, will be disqualified.

Staff may take up to 30 days to review and approve applications. If your application gets approved, they will notify you

2. Get To Know Builderall 

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Builderall has a reputation for being one of the most comprehensive digital marketing platforms. It’s a combination of the valuable marketing tools that marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike need to leverage their business. 

If you’ve joined the Builderall affiliate program as a Builderall customer, you gain everything you would need to bring your business to life online and grasp what tools others would highly benefit from utilizing regularly. Not only do you gain the advantage of using the platform on your own, but you also get the hands-on learning experience of what you should talk about in your promotional posts. 

You can still learn a lot about Builderall if you go with the solo affiliate route. You will receive various resources to get up to speed with the platform and how to best position yourself for Builderall promotion. 

Once you sign up as a Builderall affiliate, you can access your referral links in the Funnel Club portion of your dashboard. Here, you can decide whether you want to promote the Builderall Home link, Builderall Free Website link, or the Builderall Business link. Each link can serve its purpose throughout your content – one can sit in your Instagram bio, another can exist within a blog, and the other link can live in your email signature. That’s the best part about becoming a Builderall affiliate – you have total control of your links and how you will promote them. 

4. Watch Your Bank Account Grow

One of the most significant advantages of the Builderall affiliate program is that you can make money through recurring commissions. Here’s how it works:

  • Builderall pays 100% commission on the first month. Every time you make a sale, you earn 100% of the commission on that first payment. As a new affiliate, you will gain access to this money 35 days after completing the transaction. 
  • Builderall pays 30% commission for recurring personal sales. Every time your customers pay their monthly fees, you earn a commission. You will gain access to this money five days after the payment.
  • Builderall pays 30% commission for two-tier transactions. If one of your customers decides that they want to sell Builderall as well, you will earn an additional recurring commission. You will gain access to this money five days after the payment.

5. Connect With Other Builderall Affiliates 

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Builderall is a strong community of like-minded professionals who have one thing in common: making money online. But this end goal isn’t the only thing you’ll find similar in other Builderall affiliates.

Getting to know other affiliates is just like mingling with coworkers or networking with other industry professionals. The Builderall community is thriving with successful business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and more who come together for friendship, support, strategies, and questions. The Builderall Community and Builderall Official Facebook groups are two networking resources to consider on your journey to earning Builderall commissions. 

Becoming a Builderall affiliate has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career thus far. Not only have I leveraged Builderall tools in my business every single day, but I’ve also cleared $700,000 in commissions as a Builderall affiliate and have sold more than $800,000 in my own products and services. 

The Builderall affiliate program can change your life too. 
Ready to get started? Learn about my experience with Builderall so you can become an affiliate today.

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