How To Create Great Opt In Pages For Your Website

Opt in pages are a great way to get visitors on your site to opt in to your email list. These pages can be found throughout the internet, and they offer different benefits. Some opt in pages offer content that is free of charge, while others offer discounts or coupons for products or services. Opt in pages are very effective because they offer something of value to the reader, and also give you an opportunity to contact them at a later date. In this blog post, we will discuss how to create an opt-in page from scratch so you can use it on your website!

What Is An Opt In Page?

An opt in page is a page that offers your visitors something in return for their email addresses. Many opt in pages offer free content like eBooks, guides, or training videos; others may be selling a product and will give you the opportunity to order it when you sign up. An opt-in page is sometimes also called an “opt-in form” or a “lead magnet”.

This is because your visitors are “opting in” to receive something from you, and then they will be considered your new lead. Once you have your visitor’s contact information, you can then email them at a later date. You can offer more information about the product or service that you offer, give them a discount for future purchases, or use other tactics to bring them back to your website or products.

Why Do You Need An Opt In Page?

An opt-in page can help you increase your email list. If you are just starting out with a new website, then building up your email list is very important. Once your visitors opt-in for information or sign up for something on your page, they will automatically become part of your contact list. The more emails that you have in your contact list, the bigger following you will be able to develop. An opt-in page gives you a chance to create more of an online presence and attain the credibility that is necessary for any business or website, whether it’s new or old.

How To Create Great Opt In Pages For Your Website?

The best way to create a great opt in page is to use an opt in page builder. You can do this with website builder tools like Builderall.

Opt-in page builders are easy to use and don’t require any special knowledge of website design or coding language and often offer templates to help you get started. By using an opt in template you can save time by having a pre-designed layout laid out for you to insert your own text and images. There are hundreds of opt in page templates that can be customized with copy, images, or both by just dragging and dropping them into place. Opt in pages work best when they have a compelling headline above the opt in box with an image below it to grab people’s attention.

The most important part of writing your headline is to include clear benefits for readers in order to encourage them into clicking through to your opt-in page. You can make the opt-in box stand out in bright colors to help it pop. Or, you can place it on a webpage with lots of white space around it so that people will notice it.

Opt In Landing Pages

Opt in landing pages can be used when you are bringing website visitors in from specific marketing campaigns.

For example, if you are driving paid traffic to your website, such as from Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, you can link the ads to your opt in landing page to collect more information about the user before they convert.

People often do this when trying to qualify leads or identify high-value customers. Similarly, if you are running social media campaigns you can link to your opt-in landing page in the text of your post or your social bio. You can also use specific opt in campaigns to drive traffic directly to your landing page. From there, users can sign up for various offers, such as a newsletter, ebook download, or free class.

Finally, if you are running general ads through channels like Google and Facebook, you can use a landing page to collect more information about the user before they convert.

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Opt In Page Examples

Opt in pages are a great way to generate leads and revenue. Once you have a clear idea about what kind of content your customers would be interested in, it is time to set up an opt-in landing page. There are several different types of opt in campaigns that can help drive traffic directly towards your landing page.

Here are a few common examples.

Opt In Page Example #1

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Opt In Page Example #2

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Opt In Example #3

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Build Your Opt In Page Today!

Opt in pages are an important part of online marketing, but it can be difficult to build one yourself. Not anymore! With products like Builderall, you’ll have everything you need to create an amazing opt in page today & start growing your email list quickly and easily.

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