How to Make a Thank You Page

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When one of your website visitors makes their way to a landing page and complete a form with their contact information, that’s a huge win for your business! Not only is it an opportunity for lead generation, but it’s vital proof that your target audience is engaged with your offerings and is interested in learning more. 

But the effort from your end shouldn’t stop once you get the lead. Instead of taking readers back to the home page or simply refreshing the landing page after they submit their form, you can create a thank you page.

But what does thank you page content consist of? What are thank you page best practices? 

Below, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about how to make a thank you page and why it matters in the first place. 

Why Are Thank You Pages Important?

Essentially, a thank you page is the page that appears directly after your reader or customer performs the intended action on the landing page they began their journey. In most cases, this is filling out a form to receive another piece of content, sign up for a newsletter, enter a contest or enroll in a course. 

That’s why a thank you page is also referred to as a conversion page. It’s a confirmation page that shows your reader that they successfully completed the task.

Thank you pages are essential because they show your audience that you care. It’s a signifier or your appreciation, but it also encourages your readers to convert. The thank you page will act as a token of gratitude while providing more information that inspires readers to learn more and potentially inquire about your products or services or make a purchase. 

Benefits of a Thank You Page

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Adding a thank you page to your website can be more beneficial and effective than a confirmation page that ends the conversation (or in this case, the conversion.) Here are some of the benefits of creating a thank you page: 

  • It keeps your readers engaged and encourages further action. Once you’ve confirmed that the action your reader took was successful, you can add a call to action to continue the journey. Something as simple as a link to your social media or a coupon code for a future purchase can keep them coming back for more. 
  • It’s an opportunity to track analytics. When someone makes it to the thank you page, that means you can track the form completion as a conversion.
  • It provides a personalized experience. Your audience doesn’t want to feel like they’re communicating with a robot. They want to form a sincere connection with you before they commit to trying your product or service. 
  • It enhances your brand. You want to create a lasting impression on your audience. A thank you page adds an element of sincerity and character that people will remember. 
  • It gives the reader peace of mind. An enhanced confirmation page can help your audience feel satisfied with their decision to move forward with the intended action. 

How to Make a Thank You Page: 5 Essential Elements You Need To Succeed 

Example thank you page with social media links

Your thank you page should be more than a simple sentence of gratitude. Thank you page best practices involve adding a few essential elements and allowing your brand reputation to shine through. Make sure to include the following details your thank you page: 

1. The Thank You Message

Of course, the most important element of the page is the thank you message. Here, you need to make it clear that the action they took was successful and that you’re thankful for their interest or business. This will clear any confusion of potential drop off and will highlight your gratitude. Remember: Your thank you doesn’t have to be a mile long! Short, sweet and straight to the point will get your message across.

2. The Promised Content

What did the original landing page promise your reader after completing the sign up process? This belongs on the thank you page if you want to ensure a promising lead. You can always send the content in an email, but providing it in real-time can be highly satisfying to your reader and positively impact their attitude the next time you reach out. 

Your social media accounts offer some of the best opportunities to connect with your audience on a different level. Keeping your channels up to date with relevant content is important, but plugging your accounts across your marketing channels is equally essential. Your thank you page is a great place to encourage your leads to check out your social media and engage across platforms. 

Since you have already piqued the interest of your audience, the thank you page can be another opportunity to introduce them to other content, products or services you have to offer. Include internal links that will encourage readers to browse your website and learn more about your business. 

5. An Additional Call to Action

Want to give your readers more to get excited about? Another call to action or second offer is a great way to pave the path of the buyer journey. Just make sure it relates closely to the initial offer – this can increase the likelihood of the reader converting a second time. 

Building out your website is an important part of building your brand reputation and connecting with customers. Crafting the best thank you page content can help lead you to success in the digital space. 

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